The use of sound for healing is not a new phenomenon. From the aboriginal people of Australia to Native American Indians, sound has been used therapeutically for thousands of years. The Egyptians and the Greeks often composed and performed music for the purpose of healing.

The gong is an ancient, sacred healing instrument, dating back some 3,000 years, which makes it one of the oldest instruments in the world.

Based on ancient wisdom, it was said that if you were gonged for ten consecutive days, you could be cured of anything. 

In modern times, sound healing has begun to enjoy a renaissance, and we are starting to recall the ancient wisdom of our forefathers.

With this renewed sense of self comes a profound feeling of oneness with the creative and sustaining life force and energy of the universe. Life then takes on an unbelievable richness that cannot be described. It has to be experienced.  


Thank you for the amazing Gong Bath experience last night. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was amazing how intuitive and connected you were to the audience in the room. I am so excited about the healing magic you are creating in our world and wish you success on this noble path
— Amisha, Seattle WA