Because of the intimate relationship between the chakras and sound frequencies, the gong is a powerful instrument for opening, clearing and balancing the flow of energy through them.

A chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel of light." Chakras can be thought of as energy conduits located along the spinal pathway at the conjunction of the physical layer and the energetic layer of Being.

They function as life energy distribution centers, working in concert, constantly radiating and pushing the flow of energy throughout the human system. 

Over time, the pressures from daily life, the pollution from noise, traffic and overcrowding can all produce negative emotions that can "dirty" our chakras and weigh us down emotionally.

Blocked and dirtied chakras cannot push through sufficient energy, and both the physical and emotional immune systems are gradually compromised.

I had a wonderful experience today. Thank you so much. Beautiful tones, and I wondered where the choir of Angels were, as I am certain they chimed in. I heard chanting as well. Your talent is tremendous
— Catherine, Seattle WA

The complex sounds of the gong overcome the mind that is producing the negative thought patterns clogging the chakras, and the mental imprints that store the negative energy in the chakras can be cleared, restoring harmony and vitality to the body and mind.

Therefore, as we remove blockages, imbalances and stagnant energy from the chakras, we cleanse the energetic layer of Being before the negative energy can accumulate and manifest as a physical ailment.

As you get familiar with gong bath healing, the self-regulating mechanism of the chakras becomes more efficient, and the negativity and pollution from everyday life are easily filtered out.