Although we believe that everyone and anyone can benefit from being immersed in the healing frequencies of the gong, we offer three focused programs: Cancer Wellness, Stress Reduction and Community Outreach.


cancer wellness program (CWP)

The CWP is focused on providing events to those fighting cancer and their support group. Currently we are working with Cancer Lifeline in Seattle, WA, Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, WA, and EvergreenHealth Medical Center in Kirkland, WA to perform one-time, and on-going gong immersions. Please contact us here for the event schedule.


 Deborah Bouchette

Deborah Bouchette

Meet Deb:

I went to my first gong bath about a month after starting intense, weekly chemotherapy for metastatic bone cancer. The cancer diagnosis had taken everyone by surprise, since I had no outward symptoms (only a nasty and unrelated infection). With all the medical prodding and poking through test after test to determine the source of the cancer, I needed some sense of personal initiative in my healing, so I started to research alternative therapies. I had never heard of a gong bath, even though I have been involved in music and art most of my life.

That first experience was positively overwhelming. I drifted in and out of a dream-like consciousness, and about halfway through the bath, the vibrations of the gongs seemed to excite my entire body—everything was tingling. I focused on pushing the cancer away, and it felt like the vibrations surged through my bones and exited through my feet!

That was almost a year ago. The cancer has receded so much that I have my life back again, and am on a much gentler course of chemotherapy. Although my cancer will never be “cured” (short of a new technology), I consider the gong bath experience instrumental to my overall well-being (no pun intended).

Thanks, Wayne and Beneficial Sound!

Deborah Bouchette

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stress reduction program (SRP)

The SRP is designed to assist those individuals who are afflicted with extreme stress and trauma. The program is led by Katie Stickney, MA, LMHC (in Seattle, WA) and by Claudia Weber, Clinical Trauma Professional (in Portland, OR) and works closely with counselors, therapists and psychologists in the stress/trauma field to promote events.

Currently, the SRP focuses on engagements with the Wounded Warrior Battalion at Lewis McCord Joint Military Base in Tacoma, WA as well as numerous one-time events in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR.


community outreach program (COP)

The COP promotes Gong Bath Meditation and education events to numerous groups throughout the greater Seattle, WA and Portland, OR areas.

Currently, the COP focuses on engagements at addiction/recovery centers, at the Ronald McDonald House and Foundation in Seattle, WA as well as events for special needs children.