If you work at Microsoft, Amazon, Google or another large organization, you can help us spread the word about Beneficial Sound by connecting us with your organization through Benevity Causes ( – a third party organization that connects impactful nonprofits with corporate giving programs. We can guide you through the process. Please contact us to learn more.


When it’s time to give, please consider donating to Beneficial Sound. We are a 501 (c)(3) non-profit public charity and your generous donations are tax deductible and help keep our fees low and our services free to those most in need -  Wounded Warriors, Cancer Patients and many others.


Beneficial Sound depends on the generous support of volunteers to help fulfill program needs and is constantly humbled by the time and talent shared.

As a volunteer at Beneficial Sound you can:

~ Connect with people in their community
~ Work with other people passionate about Beneficial Sound's mission
~ Learn and spread the word about Beneficial Sound
~ Touch the lives of those coping with cancer, trauma and addiction
~ Help Beneficial Sound raise funds to further promote our mission


Private Gong Bath

Group Gong Bath

"Being a seasoned sound healer myself, I often find it a challenge to relax and enjoy the benefits of a sound healing session.  Normally my mind is curious, busy trying to figure out what sounds I am hearing, and my body uncomfortable lying on the floor for a long length of time. 

However, when I experienced Wayne for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised how relaxed my body and mind were during his gong bath meditation.  It was one of the first times I actually received the benefits of the healing vibrations and was able to just let go completely. 

His approach to his sacred instruments allowed me to sink deeply into meditation effortlessly. What a great experience!"

- J. Motley/Energy and Sound Healer