The following tips will help you get the most from a live Beneficial Sound gong bath event or the short power packed meditations on the Soul to Spirit CD

CD Listening Ideas

There are eight individual mediations on the CD, each approximately six minutes in length. Each meditation works with a specific chakra. There is any number of ways you can listen to the meditations. You could listen to all eight consecutively, working your way up the spine from the 1st chakra to the 8th.

Alternatively, you could break them up into groups. The first four meditations focus on the "lower chakras" and pertain to worldly and material challenges. The lower chakras are a great place to focus to stay grounded. The last four mediations (Numbers 5-8) focus on the "upper chakras" and acknowledge our inner spiritual state.

Or you could select a meditation that addresses an area that needs work, and listen to that meditation repeatedly until you are ready to move on. But even listening to a single track or two will be greatly beneficial. 

Chakra / Location / Theme / Color
8th / Aura / Connection / Rainbow
7th/ Top of the Head / Spirituality / Purple
6th / Forehead / Intuition / Indigo Blue
5th / Throat Area / Sound / Sky Blue
4th / Chest Area / Compassion / Green
3rd / Navel Area / Will Power / Yellow
2nd / Pelvic Area / Creativity / Orange
1st / Base of the Spine / Security / Red

I was happy to get this CD and was amazed by the gong vibrations. This CD has helped me develop a daily meditation regime...these gongs and the voice behind it allowed me to focus on my chakras as well as give me an internal calming—soothing and very uplifting.
— JoLynn M.

Sound Quality

The true healing power of these meditations is in the gong, so in addition to a quiet setting, you will want to use a decent pair of headphones.

For the maximum benefit, use a good quality speaker, one that allows you to both hear exceptionally well and also to feel the vibration of the gong. 

Comfortable Position

The optimal position for listening is lying comfortably on your back with your arms at your sides, eyes closed. You can use a thin pillow for your head. If you prefer to be seated, make sure your spine is straight and your chin is level (parallel to the floor).

Also, you might try listening to the meditations while doing yoga poses or while on a nature walk.

Physical Exercise

It is highly recommended that gong bath meditations be used in conjunction with a vigorous exercise program or with a mind-body discipline such as yoga.


Breathe steadily and easily through the nose - deep, natural and relaxed breaths. Direct your attention to the chakra location mentioned on the CD, and focus your attention there for a few moments. Feel as though you are breathing right through that energy center. The energy flows into the body on inhalation and exits the body through the chakra on exhalation.

The 3rd Eye

This is the point on the forehead that is the control center for the entire chakra system. As you settle into the meditation, with your eyes closed, focus your gaze and attention at the point between the eyebrows, the seat of concentration and perception.


Very simple, one-sentence affirmations (repeated sentence that reminds us of our spiritual path) are used with each meditation on the CD. The affirmation will be said twice in succession. Repeat it silently another three times. The affirmation solidifies the positive attribute we are enhancing with the specific chakra meditation. (click here to download the affirmations)


Visualization is used with each chakra meditation – a colored sun. Visualize a burning sun expanding just outside your body at the location addressed in the meditation.  

As you focus your attention there and you breathe through the chakra area, visualize the colored sun expanding on the inhalation and then radiating healing energy and reducing on the exhalation.

The colored suns rise and fall in unison as we ascend the rainbow bridge from the ruby red 1st chakra to the royal purple 7th chakra.

Calming The Mind

We average over 48 thoughts per minute! One of the goals of meditation is slowing down this endless flow of thoughts so that we can settle into the present moment and improve our concentration, focus and awareness.

Before you begin these meditations, make a conscious effort to put your thoughts on hold until you are done with the session. Your ego, or "lower-self", may try to distract you with thoughts and fears, but simply notice the thought (do not judge it) and then release it and let your attention flow naturally between the chakra visualization, the 3rd eye point the healing sound of the gong and soft spoken words.

With practice, you will experience longer gaps between your thoughts, and in this profound stillness, your Soul will awaken.

Binaural Beats

The gong works exceptionally well at producing what are known as binaural beats, where multiple sounds and frequencies are heard by the listener as one tone. When this occurs, brainwave patterns shift from beta (waking state) to theta (meditative state) where deep meditation and healing take place.

Feel the Energy

Ultimately, you want to feel your energy flowing between the chakras. Once you get familiar with the meditations, it will become easy to feel your aura and radiant body. Give yourself a few minutes at the end of the last meditation to sit in silence. This quiet time allows you to focus on your energy and to receive the information that is most beneficial to you.

Releasing Tension

You may feel some tension or tingling in your body as you learn to harness the flow of energy through the chakras. Be sure to breathe normally, periodically loosen any tension that gathers in your neck or shoulders and occasionally relax all the muscles in your face.


There is a spiritual component to gong bath meditations, and it is recommended to tune in spiritually with a short prayer before each session. Even if you have a problem with the word God, pray to your Higher Self, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Energy, etc. (download my prayer)


One of the single most important elements to achieving success with gong bath meditations is the regular, committed practice of them. The gong bath meditations on the CD are designed specifically for the time challenged, on-the-go listener.

You have 96 fifteen-minute segments in each 24 hour period. Dedicate one of them (15 minutes) each day to these meditations, and I'm sure you will find the results to be nothing short of amazing.