One of the great aspects of sound healing is that you do not have to believe in it, or even understand it, to benefit from its use. However, lets explore how it works and how it can heal.

To understand the concept of sound healing, we first need to accept some fundamental theories. The first is that the universe is composed of constantly changing particles of energy. From Einstein to Tesla, the greatest scientists of our time have accepted this as fact.

String theory proposes that all matter is made up of tiny vibrating strings infinitely smaller than the atom. Every element of the universe is in a constant state of vibration manifested to us as light, sound and energy. We perceive only a fraction of this infinite range of vibration.

The human being is an enclosed pulsating energy system, swimming in a sea of vibrating energy. All energy vibrates at an optimum frequency, including all the cells of the body, from bone structures to organs, and strives for homeostasis, the attempt to maintain balance.  

When your energy system is vibrating at an optimal frequency, you are at the peak of physical health, happiness, contentment and well-being.

When your system is out of vibrational balance, you are in a state of disharmony and experience dis-ease until your system regains balance within a normal range.

A drop of water being vibrated by sound.

A drop of water being vibrated by sound.

Sound healing is the practice of "re-tuning" the human system back to ideal frequencies via a universal physical and biological principle known as Sonic Entrainment, where rhythmic vibrations of similar frequencies resonate in unison. The human system knows what feels harmonious and almost automatically tunes into what is needed at any give time.

The gong is arguably the ultimate sound healing tool, as it has the broadest range of tones and frequencies of any instrument. When played sensitively and well, this vast range of sound deeply bathes every cell of the body - muscles, bones, organs, nervous system, etc. - and via sonic entrainment brings it back into harmonic balance. 

The gong bath was great! My body felt very still and quiet afterward, and I slept about twelve hours that night! My friend also really liked it, I’ll definitely go again soon
— Debbie, Tacoma
Nerves carry signals to their related organs via dermatomes on the skin. 

Nerves carry signals to their related organs via dermatomes on the skin. 

Additionally, the sound waves of the gong stimulate dermatomes on the surface of the skin.

Dermatomes extend from the spine and are - through a complex integrated network of nerves - related to specific organs of the body, including the five main organs: the heart, stomach, lugs, kidneys and liver.

Medical science theorizes that stimulation of dermatomes can have a positive effect on their related organs. These benefits include the releasing of toxins.

It is important to drink plenty of water after a gong bath to flush these toxins from your system. 

Sound healing has been shown to have myriad additional benefits to the human body.

These include: improving flexibility and coordination, increasing endorphin levels, boosting immune function and even improving digestion.