What they are Saying


The gong bath event this evening was wonderful. Your talent, authenticity, passion and intention set the foundation for an incredible experience. What a lovely gift for us all - Daria, Seattle


Wow! I’ve been managing numerous physical injuries for years in a number of different ways. I think it was within the first few moments that my specific areas of physical pain started to release with different tones. The physical effects I felt, and the fact that I could sit half-lotus after the gong bath astonishes me. It is not something I thought was possible with my lower back and hip issues. It’s just incredible healing - Ken, Portland


The most relaxing sleep medicine ever created! Experiencing this everyday wouldn't be too much :-) - Ian, Seattle

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So much gratitude to you for a transformative experience today. I had a great healing experience about some inner conflicts. I feel stronger now after the wonderful shamanic journey today guided by the lilt of your artistry - Michelle, Seattle

Heaven on Earth! - Danielle, Portland


I had a wonderful experience today. Thank you so much. Beautiful tones, and I wondered where the choir of Angels were, as I am certain they chimed in. I heard chanting as well. Your talent is tremendous - Catherine, Everett

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Thank you for the gong bath yesterday. During the gong bath, I slipped into deep meditation nearly instantly. I breathed more deeply than I ever have. When my mind wandered, specific tones obliterated conscious thought…it was like the sound waves just steamrolled any resistance, my issues inconsequential to the sound - Shelly, Portland


The gong bath was great! My body felt very still and quiet afterward, and I slept about twelve hours that night! My friend also really liked it, I'll definitely go again soon - Debbie, Tacoma


Thank you for the amazing Gong Bath experience last night. We all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was amazing how intuitive and connected you were to the audience in the room. I am so excited about the healing magic you are creating in our world and wish you success on this noble path - Amisha, Seattle

I feel really good after the session tonight -- more connected, more unified, more peaceful. I reached a much deeper meditative state than I've ever experienced before - Kristin, Tacoma


Today’s gong bath experience was really powerful - a life changer for me! I sit here tonight alleviated of emotional pain I’ve had for decades - Sandy, Kirkland


Incredible experience tonight, thank you! Some tones had me approaching what friends have described as a "psychosomatic wave."  I could feel energy flowing up and down my spinal column attacking specific blockages that conjured vivid snippets of memory that I could release with love and peace. The third eye action was incredible. The kaleidoscope of fractals were so bright, colorful, shifting. I found myself grinning constantly - Karl, Portland

The gong bath was wonderful. A powerful and transformative experience, guided by intuition and talent - Megan, Seattle


Thank you for sharing your gift with us on Saturday. That was such an incredible experience for me. Life-changing actually. I was not expecting the sensation/release I felt in my neck/throat area followed by a flood of sensation in and around my head. And there were other magical moments too that will take time to find words to express. I'm really glad to know you are out there doing the work you are doing - Stacey, Tacoma

The gong bath yesterday was incredible. I have been to many gong baths but I loved the gentle yet powerful nature of your work. Such beautiful sounds - Laura, Kirkland


Thank you for a wonderful healing Gong Bath meditation session last night. My husband and I could feel the powerful healing vibration and sound. It was an amazing first time experience. You are truly an amazing meditation Gong artist/practitioner - Wendy, Everett

Love, Love, Love the gong bath meditation - Kat, Everett

Thank you so much for your spirit and the work that you do with the Gongs. When you were walking around playing the gong you paused right by my feet and gonged for a while. I broke my left ankle recently and have only been out of my cast for a week. When you stopped by me the tingling sensations in my ankle were incredible! It seems like I have more flexibility in that ankle today, not to mention that I just plain feel wonderful! :-) - Debra, Tacoma

I was in your marvelous gong bath yesterday. Thank you again for your wonderful healing session and the amazing sounds and vibrations that come thru your masterful gong work - Jodi, Issaquah

Thank you for your energy last night at the gong bath. I had a great and very relaxed time. I truly felt the benefits of the bath and I’m looking forward to hearing your CD as well - Pat, Redmond

I was at your session tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt the vibration in my body and felt really blissful and relaxed. Definitely want to do it again - Carin, Seattle