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"Wayne, I want to thank you for the Soul to Spirit Meditation you created. I have not done a lot of mediation but found it very easy to listen to your meditations and found the depth of the gong sounds to move me and have profound positive effects" -Betsy A.

"This CD changed my meditation practice or I should say, took it to a whole new level. I have tried guided meditations before with minimal success but these meditations are different. I can't really explain it, it is something you have to experience but I was really able to "let go" and get deeper into the experience with the sound of the gongs. This is a CD I am using frequently" - Edward M.

"I was happy to get this CD and was amazed by the gong vibrations. This CD has helped me develop a daily meditation regime where otherwise silence was a distraction and I could not meditate. These gongs and the voice behind it allowed me to focus on my chakras as well as give me an internal calming--soothing and very uplifting" - JoLynn F.